Guardian Aviation

Emergency Response

Search and Rescue, Extraction and Insertions, Reposition of cargo/personnel, Aerial Recon, Deck/Ship landing, Security, Aerial saw, Fire Fighting Support/Suppression.

Government Services

Law Enforcement, Basic and Advanced Police Training, SWAT, Spec Ops Training, NVG Mission Training, Over Water Training, Flight Training, Hoist Training, Mission Planning, QRF Training and Mission.

Search and Rescue

Rapid response Marine Rescue, Marine Vessel Recovery, Aerial Surveillance, LEO Mission Support.

Emergency Management

Brigade-level Repositioning, Planning and Coordinating across multiple agencies.

About us


In 2022, we responded to a call needing immediate support for Hurricane Ian rescue and relief efforts. The primary goal in mind was to turn the complex into simple. The team was quickly put together based off top industry recommendations. Guardian Aviation has over 60 years of combined experience supporting the United States Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, and Space Exploration's need for additional tactical training support or Rescue Support.

In times of National Emergency, Guardian Aviation can provide much needed support, from Search and Rescue, Over Watch Surveillance, Aerial Surveying, Disaster Relief and Mass Casualties Evacuations.

Sikorsky S76C+ Fast Rope

Managing Partners

Chris Mosley, Director of Maintenance for Guardian. Chris was the Manager of Maintenance for AAR Airlift Melbourne Florida and a Crew Chief / Hoist Operator for the Part 133 Operations. Chris joined Presidential Airways in 2010 as a Crew Chief and maintenance technician. As the Director of Maintenance, Chris is the backbone of Guardian’s reliability.

David Prater started with Presidential Airways in 2010 as a PIC/Instructor Pilot/ Site Manager for the Afghanistan Rotor Wing Contract supporting Operation Enduring Freedom. David’s 20-year career has focused on aviation training and management supporting our military, law enforcement, Spec Ops, and space exploration.

Tony Piegaro founded CSI Emergency Service in 1986 after an extensive career in Law Enforcement. Tony spent his career focused in task force operations, narcotics, and explosives. He used his experience to develop training programs for various agencies across Law Enforcement, Firefighting, and Rescue Operations.


We Provide

Guardian Aviation is uniquely suited and positively postured to develop sustained Special Operations Mission Profile Training, Emergency Response Programs, SAR, Flight Services, and Maintenance Support Services. The company has rapidly secured relationships across a broad spectrum of these like-minded communities that shows inevitable growth over the next three to five years. and expects to continue …..

Types of Operations

Types of Operations

Past Performance


What we are

Guardian has completed over 1000 Hoist Operations. Performing in both Day and Night, Over Water and Land.

Global Expertise, Emerging Market Reach

We operate around the globe, delivering world-class services and providing personal attention to our customers.

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