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About us

We Will Answer. We Will Respond. We Will Be There.

In 2022, we responded to a call needing immediate support for Hurricane Ian rescue and relief efforts. The primary goal in mind was to turn the complex into simple. The team was quickly put together based off top industry recommendations. Guardian Aviation has over 60 years of combined experience supporting the United States Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, and Space Exploration's need for additional tactical training support or Rescue Support.

In times of National Emergency, Guardian Aviation can provide much needed support, from Search and Rescue, Over Watch Surveillance, Aerial Surveying, Disaster Relief and Mass Casualties Evacuations.

“Guardian Aviation’s personnel have completed over 1000 Hoist Operations with pinpoint accuracy”

“Guardian’s ability to react quickly and provide an elite air crew on scene was critical in the successful rescue of safety personnel and firefighters stranded by Ian.”

“Guardian’s reliability, flexibility and attention to detail have firmly cemented long-term relationships as the sole external training provider for these entities.”

“The Guardian team were part of the first civilian crew to provide Space Launch Range Clearing and vessel areal interdiction”

Just some of what we do:

Shortly after Hurricane Ian, Guardian’s Bell 412SP flew key personnel in and around the areas heavily affected by the storm. Having unique capabilities, as well as the extensive experience to perform them, is the reason Guardian got the request to go where nobody else could.

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