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Guardian Aviation is uniquely suited and positively postured to develop sustained Special Operations Mission Profile Training, Emergency Response Programs, SAR, Flight Services, and Maintenance Support Services. The company has rapidly secured relationships across a broad spectrum of these like-minded communities that shows inevitable growth over the next three to five years. And expects to continue to develop each into sturdy business pillars within the next three to five years. Uniquely suited and positively postured to develop sustained Special Ops Mission Profile Training, Emergency Response, SAR, Sub-contracted flight services and Maintenance support services, Guardian has rapidly secured relationships encouraging growth.

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Israel Evacuation

When the call for assistance is initiated, the Guardian Aviation Rescue team mobilizes to offer its professional support. The Governor of Florida, Florida’s Emergency Management authorities, and the Israeli American community sought our assistance in facilitating the evacuation of a significant number of Israeli American citizens from Tel Aviv to Tampa. On October, 18, 2023 The Guardian Team, in collaboration with Eco One Emergency Response and Palm Star Aviation Services, orchestrated a comprehensive plan for the secure and efficient evacuation of 218 Israeli American citizens, reuniting them with their families in Florida.

Hurricane Ian

On September 30, 2022, The Guardian Team was contacted by Crimson Consulting and ARS Global Emergency Management, who had requested aerial support and surveillance. Upon arriving at the scene and jointly assessing the extensive devastation with ARS and Crimson, it was determined that a revision of the mission profile was necessary. Subsequently, Guardian undertook numerous missions, encompassing the relocation of essential personnel, strategic deployment of security forces to regions witnessing criminal activities and emerging threats, as well as the safe evacuation of fire fighters who had been stationed on the island prior to our arrival.

Troop movement

On May 21,2023, Guardian Aviation Team was tasked with orchestrating a significant troop relocation operation. In a swift response, the Guardian Team swiftly responded and mobilized four MD-80 aircraft within 48 hours to facilitate the transportation of the requested 800 troops to our southern border. This deployment aimed to reinforce and support the existing troops already stationed at our southern border for enhanced security.

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